Does Frontier Airlines have first class?

If you’re thinking of flying with Frontier Airlines and wondering about fancy first-class seats, well, they don’t exactly have those. But don’t worry! There’s something else that can make your ride better.

Frontier Airlines is all about being affordable, and that means no traditional first-class seats. Instead, they offer what they call “Stretch” seats. These seats give you more room for your legs, let you lean back more, and even let you get on the plane early. You just have to pay a bit extra when you book your flight. These seats are in the first few rows and exit rows, and they give you five to seven extra inches of space.

In this guide, we’ll explain everything about Frontier Airlines’ seats – from how they charge you for different things to why the Stretch seats are a good choice. We want to help you make your Frontier Airlines trip comfy without spending too much.

Upgrade Your Frontier Flight Seat

When you’re booking a Frontier flight, you can choose your seat early. But, keep in mind, there’s a fee for it. The fee can vary, and it’s usually cheapest when you book your flight for the first time. When you’re picking your seat, you’ll see the cost for each one, including the regular seats and the special Stretch seats. Sometimes, the Stretch seats might cost just a little more than the regular ones.

Paying for a seat in advance isn’t a must for Frontier flights. However, if you pay, you’re sure to get the seat you want and make sure you sit with your friends or family. And since Stretch seats don’t cost a lot more than regular seats, it might be worth it for a more comfy ride.

Even if you have the Frontier Airlines World Mastercard, it won’t get you any discounts on Frontier upgrades. But, if you have other credit cards with travel credits, you can use them to cover the fee.

Frontier Airlines Bundle Deals

If you’re looking for more extras, Frontier offers two bundles – The Perks Bundle and The Works Bundle. They include things like carry-on baggage, checked baggage, priority boarding, and seat selection.

Frontier Airline Perks Bundle
Frontier Airline Works Bundle

The Works Bundle lets you pick any seat on the plane, including the Stretch seats, for no extra cost. You can only buy this bundle when you first book your flight. But if you go for The Perks Bundle, you can only choose a regular seat, not a Stretch one. We found that buying a Stretch seat with this bundle can cost more than buying each option separately.

If you want a bundled option with an upgraded seat, The Works Bundle might be your best bet. But always check if the bundle fee is worth it compared to paying for each extra separately.

Now, here’s a cool tip – if you have elite status with Frontier (Elite 20K, Elite 50K, or Elite 100K), you can get a free upgrade to a Stretch seat. With Elite 20K, you can’t pick a Stretch seat in advance for free, but if there’s one available at check-in, you can grab it at no extra cost. For Elite 50K and 100K, you can choose a Stretch seat for free when you book your flight. And the best part? This free upgrade applies to you and up to eight friends or family members on your reservation. So, if you’re flying Frontier, these are some simple ways to make your journey more comfortable!

Tips for Flying with Frontier Airlines

Check-In Process

Frontier Airlines provides two options for check-in: online and through the mobile app. You can complete the check-in process 24 hours before your flight departure. If you have luggage, it’s advisable to purchase your baggage allowance online before arriving at the airport. This way, you can save time and money.

When you check in, either online or through the mobile app, you also have the opportunity to buy additional services such as seat assignments, priority boarding, and extra luggage.

Seat Assignment

Frontier Airlines charges passengers between $10 and $20 to choose their seats. If you choose not to select seats during the booking process, your tickets will be more affordable. However, it’s essential to be aware of the potential for family members, especially children, to be assigned separate seats. While this is a concern, there are ways to address it and avoid separation during the flight.

Baggage Policy

Frontier Airlines has a baggage fee structure. For carry-on luggage weighing less than 35 pounds, there is a $30 fee, and for checked luggage, the fee is $25. It’s crucial to pay these fees in advance to avoid higher charges at the gate.

Passengers are allowed a free personal item bag (18inX8inX4in), but any deviation from this or failure to pay the required fees in advance may result in additional charges at the gate.

Car Seat and Stroller Policy

Frontier Airlines offers complimentary check-in for strollers and car seats. Travellers with young children who have outgrown car seats can also use booster seats during the flight, except during take-off and landing. This policy ensures a convenient and safe experience for families travelling with small children.

Comfort on the Flight

Frontier Airlines’ seating arrangements are designed for efficiency but cannot recline. Passengers should consider this factor, especially during long flights. Despite the absence of reclining seats, the airline provides spacious seating with adequate legroom. It’s advisable to bring a trtl neck pillow for added comfort, as well as any other personal items to enhance the in-flight experience.

In-Flight Services

Frontier Airlines charges for most in-flight services, excluding water. It’s important to note that only credit and debit cards are accepted for purchasing snacks; cash is not an option. Passengers can save money by bringing their snacks and food.

Additionally, there is no in-flight entertainment or internet access on Frontier Airlines flights. Therefore, travellers, especially those with children, should plan accordingly by bringing entertainment options that do not rely on online connectivity.

Customer Service

Based on the provided experience, Frontier Airlines demonstrated satisfactory customer service. Gate agents and flight attendants were helpful and responsive. This positive interaction included assistance with checking in strollers and car seats at the gate, indicating a commitment to providing support and ensuring a smooth travel experience for passengers.


Deciding if it’s worth paying for seats on Frontier Airlines depends on your situation. If you don’t like sitting in the middle or you’re travelling with your family, it might be a good idea to pay for seat assignments to avoid any worries. Also, if you want more legroom, Frontier’s stretch seating could be worth the extra cost.

However, if you’re unsure, you can probably skip paying for seat assignments altogether. Frontier is known for being a budget airline, and if you pay for seats both ways, you might end up spending more than if you chose a different airline with lower overall costs.

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