Is Avelo Airlines safe?

Avelo Airlines is considered a safe airline. It is one of America’s Most Reliable Airlines of the present time. Since its foundation, no major accident has yet been recorded. The airline has achieved a 5 rating in safety and it indicates how secure the airline is.

If you are thinking about travelling with Avelo Airlines, you might have question in mind: Is Avelo Airlines safe along with some queries regarding the quality measures of the airline. This blog will help you get all your answers regarding the security and quality check of Avelo Airlines:

How is Avelo Airlines?

Avelo Airlines is an America-based ultra-low-cost carrier headquartered in Houston, Texas. The airline has been operating since 1989, though it started its operations under the Avelo brand in 2021. Previously, it was known as Casino Express and Xtra Airways. The recent change in ownership, led by Andrew Levy, has brought about new policies and operational methods to enhance the airline’s processes.

In April 2021, Avelo Airlines made its inaugural flight, offering service between Burbank and Santa Rosa, California. Since then, the airline has expanded its route network to include several destinations across the United States. Currently, Avelo Airlines flies to 41 airports. It flies to smaller, less crowded airports, and focuses on shorter flights within cities.

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Avelo Airlines 2023 Achievements

Avelo Airlines
  • Lowest flight cancellation rate in U.S. airline industry
  • Ranked #2 for on-time performance in 2023
  • Flew 2.3 million customers, an 85% increase over 2022

Is Avelo Airlines Legit?

Avelo Airlines is known as one of the safest airlines. The flight attendants are friendly and take care of passengers well, providing everything they need on time. They are polite and often check on passengers to offer support. Even during COVID times, the airline ensures passengers maintain social distancing and sanitize regularly.

The Airlines has a strong commitment to safety rules and regulations, which has contributed to its positive ratings. Here are some key points of airline’s safety protocols:

  • FAA Guidelines: Avelo Airlines follows the safety standards set by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), ensuring that it meets international safety standards.
  • Experience and Authority: Avelo Airlines has a history of more than 34 years and has recently changed ownership. Under new leadership, the airline is expected to improve its service quality. The airline’s crew is well-trained and experienced.
  • Fleet Evaluation: Avelo Airlines has two types of planes. One is the Boeing 737-700, which can carry 149 passengers. The other is the Boeing 737-800, which can carry 189 passengers. Right now, the Boeing 737-700 is not being used, but they might start using it by the end of 2021. They currently have three Boeing 737-800 planes in service, but by the end of 2021, they will have six.
  • IATA Membership: Avelo Airlines is not yet a member of the International Air Transport Association (IATA), which is important for airlines. However, this membership is not mandatory, and Avelo may choose to apply for it in the future. Despite not being an IATA member, Avelo Airlines has a good safety record and is committed to ensuring the safety of its passengers.

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Is Avelo Airlines Safe? Learn About Safety and Quality Checks

Health and Quality Checks

Avelo Airlines cares deeply about the safety and comfort of its passengers and crew. To ensure a safe travel experience during the COVID-19 pandemic, the airline has introduced several health and safety measures. These include rigorous cleaning procedures and mandatory mask-wearing for everyone on-board.

Avelo Airlines also offers flexible booking policies to accommodate changing travel plans. Passengers can change their flights without incurring fees, providing them with peace of mind and flexibility during these uncertain times.

Safety Record

Avelo Airlines has a safe flying record with no major accidents in its history. Even in incidents like the 2022 mud incident, where an Avelo aircraft got stuck, the situation was managed well, and no passengers or crew were harmed. These incidents show that Avelo prioritizes safety and handles situations professionally.

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