Ozark Trail 20 Person Tent Tested and Tried

As a person who enjoys being outside a lot, I am always looking for new and exciting experiences to have. I knew I had to try out the Ozark Trail 20 person tent with private rooms as soon as I heard about it.

This huge tent isn’t your typical camping shelter; it’s more like a hotel you can take with you into the woods. It looks like it will be a once-in-a-lifetime event because of its size and features.

In this blog post, I’ll take you on a trip through my time exploring the Ozark Trail 20 Person Tent with 10 rooms.

Ozark Trail 20 Person Tent Review

Ozark Trail 20-Person Tent Features

Before I talk about my own experience, let’s take a closer look at the Ozark Trail 20 Person Tent’s features and specs. This tent can fit up to 20 people, which makes it great for big groups or family trips.

The tent is made of strong, weather-resistant materials, so it can stand up to all kinds of weather outside.

One thing that makes this tent stand out is how big the inside is. With a height of 78 inches in the middle, even the tallest campers can stand inside easily.

The tent has two rooms, so you can have some peace and stay organized. It also has a lot of windows and mesh holes that let in a lot of natural light and air.

Size & Easy Setup

Because of its size, setting up the Ozark Trail 20 Person Tent can seem like a hard job.

However, I was happily surprised by how easy it was to set up. The tent’s poles and sleeves are marked by colour, so even a beginner can put it together.

To begin, I carefully laid out the tent fabric on a flat surface and attached the poles according to the instructions.

Once the poles were in place, I slowly put the tent up and staked down the corners. It took me less than an hour to set up the tent, and I was surprised by how sturdy it felt when I was done.

So, whether I need to charge your smartphones, run a mini-fridge, or power lighting for my campsite, I always carry a portable power station.

Comfort and space inside the Tent


Ozark Trail 20-Person Tent


Occupant Capacity: 16

Design: Long-Term Camping Tent

Material: Polyester

  • It’s quite comfortable and livable.
  • Very good size for packing.
  • 4 different rooms.
  • Separate entrances.
  • Excellent windows.
  • Too tiny for the advertised capacity.
  • No floor vents exist.
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When camping, comfort is very important, and the Ozark Trail 20-Person Tent gives you that. I never felt crowded or claustrophobic inside it because it was so big.

The two-room structure gave me a sense of privacy because I could separate where I slept from where other people were.

The tent has a lot of storage pockets, which are great for keeping personal items tidy and close at hand. I could put away my clothes, tools, and camping gear without making the living room look messy.

Also, the tent’s high center height made it easy for me to move around inside, which was a nice surprise given how small it was.

Durability and Weather Resistance

When camping, one of the most important things to think about is how durable and weatherproof the tent is. I was happy to find that the Ozark Trail 20 Person Tent was the best at both.

The tent is made of high-quality materials that are made to stand up to the hard conditions of the outdoors.

During my camping trip, it rained a lot, and I was glad to find that the inside of the tent stayed dry. The rainfly did a great job of keeping water out, and the floor was shaped like a bathtub so that water from the ground couldn’t get in.

The tent also did well in strong winds because it had a strong frame and seams that were double-stitched.

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Portability and convenience

The Ozark Trail 20-Person Tent looks like it would be hard to move because of how big it is.

But I was happily surprised by how small and easy it was to carry. The tent has a sturdy carrying bag that makes it easy to move from one spot to another.

Even though you need a bigger car to move the tent, it is worth it because it is roomy and comfortable. The bag has strong handles and wheels, which make it easy for me to move it around.

As someone who likes to camp in different places, I like that I can bring my own movable hotel with me wherever I go.

My experience staying in the Ozark Trail 20-Person Tent

Ozark Trail Tent

Now, Let’s talk about what it was like for me to stay in the Ozark Trail 20-Person Tent. As soon as I stepped inside, I was amazed by how big and comfortable the tent was. It really felt like a second home.

I slept well at night because the tent was quiet and had good air circulation. The many windows and mesh vents let in a cool breeze that kept the inside of the car cool and comfy.

I felt rested and ready for a day of outdoor adventures every time I woke up.

The two-room layout worked out well for me because it gave me different places to sleep and hang out.

I could go to my sleeping area for some privacy, or I could join the group for meals and activities in the general area. The tent really helped us feel like we were all in it together, which made my camping trip even more fun.

Alternatives to the Ozark Trail 20 Person Tent


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In conclusion, my trip to the Ozark Trail 20 Person Tent was one I will never forget. This portable hotel in the woods was comfortable, had plenty of room, and would last for a long time.

It would be a great place to stay for big groups or family trips. From how easy it was to set up to how well it held up in bad weather, the tent was a good friend on my camping trip.

The Ozark Trail 20-Person Tent is a great choice if you’re looking for a tent that can fit a big group without sacrificing comfort. Its roomy interior, sturdy design, and mobility make it a great choice for anyone who enjoys being outside.

With the Ozark Trail 20-Person Tent, you can pack your bags, gather your friends, and go on a journey. You will not be let down!

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