Which beach is located in the northern hemisphere?

When it comes to stunning beaches, the world has a variety of possibilities. There’s something really attractive about spending time by the water, from beautiful coasts to magnificent sunsets.

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Which beach is located in the northern hemisphere?

Here, I present a list of some of the most interesting coastal destinations. So, grab your sunscreen and join us on our adventure!

Cancun Beach, Mexico

Cancun Beach, Mexico

It is known for its perfect white sand, turquoise waters, and bustling nightlife. It is located in the popular tourist resort of Cancun, Mexico. It provides a variety of water sports and activities, as well as beautiful resorts and restaurants. Cancun Beach is a popular destination for both relaxation and action seekers.

Grace Bay Beach, Turks

It is known for its pure white sand, crystal-clear blue waters, and bright coral reefs. It is located on the island of Providenciales in the Turks and Caicos Islands. It provides a calm and gorgeous backdrop for tourists and is often regarded as one of the Caribbean’s most beautiful beaches. As per Forbes, While there are numerous breathtaking beaches across the globe, Grace Bay Beach in Turks and Caicos consistently always stands out as a top contender for prestigious awards. This stunning beach, located in the Turks and Caicos Islands, has consistently been recognized for its unparalleled beauty and natural allure.

Cala Macarella, Spain

It is a beautiful beach on the Spanish island of Menorca. It has blue waves, fine golden sand, and craggy cliffs that make for a beautiful backdrop. Because of its natural beauty and tranquil ambience, this secluded and pristine beach is a favourite among visitors.

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Corsica’s Plage de Saleccia, France

Plage de Saleccia is a stunning beach on the French island of Corsica. This beach provides a distant and undisturbed experience with its beautiful white sand, crystal-clear azure waves, and surrounding dunes covered in rich flora. It can only be reached by boat or off-road vehicles, guaranteeing a tranquil and idyllic coastal experience.

Barafundle Bay, Wales

Barafundle Bay is a hidden gem on Wales’ Pembrokeshire Coast. It has a long stretch of golden sand bordered by rocks and a gorgeous blue ocean. This quiet beach provides a peaceful refuge and is frequently commended for its natural beauty.

Lanikai Beach, Kailua

Lanikai Beach

It is located on the Hawaiian island of Oahu and is known for its powder-soft sand, blue waves, and magnificent backdrop of lush tropical foliage and offshore islands. Its mild waves make it excellent for swimming, kayaking, and simply relaxing in the sun.

Malcapuya Island Beach

Malcapuya Island Beach in the Philippines is a beautiful paradise with powdery white sand, crystal-clear waters, and vivid coral reefs. It provides superb snorkelling, swimming, and sunbathing options in a remote and tropical location.

Croyde Bay, Devon

It is a well-known beach in North Devon, England. It is well-known for its great surfing conditions, attracting surfers from all across the country. The beach is bordered by beautiful sand dunes and provides breathtaking views of the rough coastline.

Maya Bay

Maya Bay, located on the Thai island of Koh Phi Phi Leh, rose to prominence as the scene for the film “The Beach.” This gorgeous beach is surrounded by towering limestone cliffs and has crystal-clear waters and vibrant coral reefs. Please keep in mind that Maya Bay is now closed to visitors for ecological reasons.

Cannon Beach

Cannon Beach

It is a town on the Oregon Coast in the United States. It is famous for Haystack Rock, which rises significantly from the shoreline. Cannon Beach is a popular location for leisure and natural beauty, thanks to its miles of sandy beach, beautiful coastal vistas, and pleasant seaside town ambience.

Degersand Beach

Located on the Finnish island of Land, Degersand Beach provides a beautiful coastline experience. It has a long sandy beach, shallow waves, and breathtaking views of the Baltic Sea. The area is well-known for its peace and natural beauty.

Solastrand Beach

It is a popular beach in the Norwegian town of Sola. It provides a beautiful coastal experience with its lengthy sandy shore, dunes, and grassy areas. The beach is well-known for its clean and clear waters, which make it ideal for swimming and sunbathing.

Puerto Escondido

It is a seaside town in Oaxaca, Mexico, famous for its world-class surfing conditions. Its major beach, Playa Zicatela, draws surfers from all over the world due to its tremendous waves. Visitors can experience the vibrant local culture as well as the stunning sunsets in addition to surfing.

Nice Beach, France

Nice Beach, France

It is located in the city of Nice on the French Riviera. This pebbly beach runs along the Promenade des Anglais and provides stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea. It is a popular site for both locals and tourists who come to enjoy the sun and lively environment.

Blackpool Beach, England

It is a well-known coastal resort in Lancashire, England. Blackpool provides a traditional British seaside experience with its large sandy beach, iconic bridges, and vibrant amusement park. Visitors are drawn to the beach by its traditional charm, entertainment opportunities, and breathtaking views of the Irish Sea.

Final Thoughts

Prepare yourself and gather your essentials to visit on a journey to these renowned northern hemisphere beaches. Ensure that you pack your travel laundry bags to conveniently store your wet clothes after a day at the beach.

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