How to clean a Jansport backpack?

Jansport backpacks are super popular, especially among students, because they’re versatile. But when you use them a lot, they get dirty. Now, people are curious if you can wash them.

The Jansport manufacturer suggests you should clean them by hand with a damp cloth in cool water to get rid of stains and dirt. They don’t recommend using a washing machine because it can mess up the backpack’s shape and fabric. And don’t use strong detergents or harsh stuff.

Taking care of your Jansport bag is important if you want to keep it in good shape. So, can you wash a Jansport backpack without messing it up?

Jansports are tough and can handle light rain and bad weather. This article is here to help you wash your backpack safely and easily, without ruining the waterproof part or causing damage.

How to wash a Jansport backpack?


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Here’s a step-by-step guide for taking care of your Jansport backpack:

Step 1: Empty and Shake: To kick off the cleaning process, make sure your JanSport backpack is empty by taking out everything from every nook and cranny. Don’t forget those sneaky pockets where items might be hiding. Once empty, turn your backpack upside down and give it a good shake over a garbage can.

This helps dislodge and remove any little bits of dirt, dust, or leftover crumbs that may have found their way into the corners or base of your bag. For extra thorough cleaning, grab your vacuum and use the hose attachment to reach into those tricky spots, ensuring your backpack is truly spick and span.

Step 2: Wipe with Cloth: Contrary to the tempting convenience of a washing machine, your JanSport bag deserves a gentler touch. Grab a soft cloth and dampen it with cool water. Wipe down the interior and exterior of your backpack. Imagine it as giving your bag a refreshing bath.

Take extra care when wiping down any leather parts, as they can be sensitive to water and might change colour. It’s crucial to avoid harsh detergents or bleach, opting for a mild approach to maintain the integrity of your backpack. This ensures your bag not only looks clean but remains in good condition over time.

Step 3: Clean Stains: If you encounter stains during your wipe-down, don’t fret. Take a closer look and, with a wet cloth, gently rub the stained area. For more stubborn stains that refuse to budge, enlist the help of a special stain remover. Spray it onto a soft brush and delicately scrub away the stubborn spots.

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Don’t overlook the straps – they’ve been through a lot and could use a bit of attention too. This step ensures that your JanSport not only stays clean overall but addresses specific blemishes for a more thorough cleaning.

Step 4: Dry Well: After the cleaning session, it’s time to let your JanSport breathe and dry properly. Hang it up somewhere, allowing air to circulate it. Patience is crucial here; resist the temptation to rush back into using it. Avoid the urge to toss it into a washing machine, as proper drying is essential for maintaining the shape and durability of your backpack.

By ensuring it’s completely dry before use, you’re taking an extra step to guarantee the longevity of your trusty companion.

Step 5: Keep it Clean: Establish a monthly routine for your JanSport – a quick wipe or gentle brush-down to keep it looking and feeling fresh. You don’t need to wash it frequently; just give it some attention when it’s genuinely dirty.

This regular maintenance ensures that your JanSport backpack remains resilient and ready for all your future explorations, prolonging its lifespan and making it a reliable partner for your adventures.

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To make sure your Jansport backpack stays in good shape and always looks new, it’s a good idea to clean it regularly. Instead of using a machine, take a few minutes to clean it by hand and deal with any spots or stains. This way, your backpack stays fresh and ready for whatever adventures come your way.


Can you wash a Jansport backpack?

Washing your JanSport backpack is okay. However, to maintain its good condition, it’s recommended not to use a washing machine. If you have to use one, opt for the gentle cycle with cool or lukewarm water. This helps ensure your backpack stays in good shape for a longer time.

How do you wash a JanSport backpack without ruining it?

Place your backpack in a laundry bag and let it spin gently. Avoid using the dryer; instead, hang it up to dry. This helps your backpack stay sturdy and last for a longer time.

Can you wash Jansport backpacks with leather bottoms?

It’s important to keep leather away from water. Therefore, if your Jansport has leather or leather accents, avoid putting it in the washing machine.

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